About Us

About Knowledgucate

Knowledgucate is a new age education company which through its schools and consultancy services aims to improve the standards of schooling globally .The group was founded by Dr Sudhir Kartha and a team of eminent educationists in 1998 and since then has focused on providing high quality , yet affordable education to thousands of students globally.

The Knowledgucate Group of Institutions is a Dubai ,UAE headquartered group which owns and operates a range of educational institutions ranging from the Smartkidz chain of Playschools to schools and colleges in India, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and in the Online space.

Teacher resourcing

Teachers are the lifeline of a school. The success of any school is inextricably linked to the efficacy and quality of its teachers.Good teachers are often hard , if not impossible to find .

How does Knowledgucate help ?

Knowledgucate not only connects schools with potential teachers who have registered on its database but also trains these teachers , where required so that they can fit in with the school’s requirements. Schools benefit from the fact that these teachers, undergo Knowledgucate’s rigorous due diligence process before they are allowed to enlist on our FAT (Find A Teacher) database and also undergo a rigorous training program to hone their pedagogical skills.

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Why choose a Knowledgucate school

Knowledgucate schools incorporate a 9 point paradigms list in the functioning of all its schools. These focus on multiple areas, some of which are

Goals to the 9 paradigms.

  1. Attainment
    Goal: Attainments in English, Maths & Science.
  2. Key Skills Improvement
    Goal: Improvements in- Global Awareness, Speaking, Reading, Writing and IT.
  3. Quality Improvement in Teaching
    Goal: Teacher review system and retention
  4. Stakeholder Involvement
    Goal: Parent and stakeholder feedback.
  5. All-round Development of Students
    Goal: Extra curricular activities - conduct and participation
  6. Preparedness for Competition
    Goal: Performance in External Exams.
  7. Contribution to the Community
    Goal: Community Outreach.
  8. Provision of Good Infrastructure
    Goal: State of art infrastructure.
  9. Compliance
    Goal: Compliance with Knowledgucate & Statutory norms and processes.